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Members of Quartair take part in:
The Second Explodes , Kunsthalle Hotel Eurocenter Lana, Italië
2 mei 20:00 uur
3 mei Artwalk

“The Second Explodes”
Dutch artists from Den Haag will come to Lana from April 28th until Mai 4th in the context of an artist’s exchange between Southern Tirol and Den Haag. The title, The Second Explodes, refers amongst others to an explosion of activities which will take place within a short time.
Apparently fleeting encounters (between artworks/public/artists) which can be experienced as a concentration of events. An explosion of events that will commence in each a stream of associations. Next to showing existing artworks the main starting point for the artists will be to create site-specific work and there will also be performances. The Second Explodes is a happening.
There will be film, performance, drawings, paintings, installations and sound. And don’t miss the ARTWALK!
A master of ceremonies will accompany the visitors and he will put the different happenings and artworks in the spotlight.

Jessy Rahman, Marlies Adriaanse, Elizabeth de Vaal, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Topp&Dubio, Ingrid Rollema, Kees Koomen,
Maarten Schepers, Ellen Rodenberg, Mike Rijnierse, Ludmila Todrigues, Stefanie Scholte, Pietertje van splunter,
Geeske Harting, Maite Louise, Diána Zékány, Csaba Nemes.

with thanks to Stroom Den Haag



Perennial Art presents the third leg of the touring exhibition
After Edinburgh in 2010 and Berlin in 2011, now at Quartair, The Hague

A Draw Back

April 4th till April 27th

Sara Bomans, Iris van Dongen, Marcel van Eeden, Jay Isaac, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Michael Kirkham, Arno Kramer, Nathan Menglesis, Fiona Michie, Samantha Rees, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Witte Wartena, Robin Whitmore.
Perennial Art

OPENING April 4th at 19:00 hour, with a performance at 20:00 hour.
Opening hours: Friday till Sunday  12:00 - 17:00 hour and by appointment

We are open on first Easterday,
but closed on Kingsday Saterday 26th of April



Still from movie "Syrië" from Ingrid Rollema, Gerard Holthuis en Suzanne Groothuis december 2013

Theater of The Wrong Decision invites you

Friday February 28 from 20 hour till 21 hour.

At the Theatre of The Wrong Decision are working:
Frans Zwartjes, Gerard Holthuis, Sandro Bruti,Rosh Abdelfatah, Jessy Rahman,Marsel Loermans, Yvette Commandeur,Mary Sue Siegel,Michael de Roo, Suzanne Groothuis, Paul Bruijninckx,Maite Louisa, Marlies Adriaanse,Tom Dommisse, Eva Villanueva.

"Theater of The Wrong Decision" is an initiative from Ingrid Rollema.

Also open during Hoogtij March 7 from 19 hour till 23 hour
"THEATRE OF THE WRONG DECISION" with work from , Marsel Loermans en Ingrid Rollema.

Impression of Hoogtij, photos by Rosh Abdelfatah





Some members from Quartair are participating in 'Twist to exist' curated by Jessy Rahman,
part of the XXX International Festival Sarajevo “Sarajevo Winter 2014”, PAFF (Peace, Art Freedom)
February 7- 20, 2014 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina