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Campagne beeld Selfportrait with Youth Organization Flag- Mihai Nistor - 2014

The bittersweet legacy of communism in Romania. Reflections (II): Young Artists

Where: GEMAK and Quartair, Den Haag
When: 19 January - 13 February 2015
Entrance: free
Young artists reflect on the historical events of 1989. What are the implications of the fall of communism in Romania 25 years ago and how do young artists relate to these topics? What dilemma’s do artists face today?
Arts foundation Mirrors of Romania organizes a student exchange program with young artists from Romania and The Netherlands. During one month the students will work in The Hague. The program consists of exhibitions in Quartair and GEMAK. Additionally there will be lectures, films and tutorials in GEMAK.

The program aims at an artistic exchange between Romania and The Netherlands. The reflections by the young artists will contribute to the research question: what is the role of the artist in (oppressed) society.
Reflections (II): Young Artists is the second part of the exhibition project The bittersweet legacy of communism in Romania. Reflections (I): Dan Perjovschi which took place in December 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.

Artists: Ioana Ciora (The Hague, NL | Bucharest, RO), Csongor Szabó (Oradea, RO), Afra Eisma (The Hague, NL), Zsófia Gábor (Cluj, RO), Bas Kaufmann (The Hague, NL), Mihai Nistor (Iasi, RO).

For exact dates and time of the events see:

Exhibition in progress, Quartair open each Monday 3-6 pm and Friday from 3-9 pm.

23 January – 19:30 h Artist presentations, and filmscreening
Artists: Afra Eisma (The Hague, NL), Mihai Nistor (Iasi, RO).

Films: Mahala – (2014) Director: Eduard Micu and Boxed In – (2014) Director – Ilinca Neagu. Introduction by Corina Burlacu (filmmaker and producer), discussion with the directors Ilinca Neagu and Eduard Micu.

30 January – 19:30 h Artist presentations
Ioana Ciora (The Hague, NL | Bucharest, RO), Csongor Szabó (Timi?oara, RO).

6 February – 19:30 h Artist presentations
Zsófia Gábor (Cluj, RO), Bas Kaufmann (The Hague, NL).

13 February – 19:30 h Finissage
Opening by Calin Dan (artistic director MNAC – Bucharest).


Members of Quartair: Jessy Rahman, Pietertje van Splunter, Geeske Harting, Thom Vink and Paul Donker Duyvis participate in the 20th Anniversary exhibition project of the Nine Dragon Heads, part of the Venice Biennale of 2015

Jump into the unknown
Nine Dragon Heads

19th. April - 22nd.June 2015

Palazzo Loredan dell'Ambasciatore, Venice
From the 3 Islands - Murano, Lido, Pellestrina

Open Air Symposium
Nature & Culture Survey

More information on the website of Nine Dragon Heads click on the right top of the page on Venice Biennale


image: Arnold Mario Dall'O

Exchange between artist initiatives from The Hague and South-Tirol
RELATIONS IN FORM – beyond the border
21 november 2014 till 7 december 2014

Simon Perathoner, Arnold Mario Dall'O, Saman Kalantari, Ulrich Egger, Maria Walcher, Sarah Schwienbacher, Hannes Egger,Christian Martinelli, Matthias Schönweger.

Curator: Camilla Martinelli
Project manager: Hannes Egger

– beyond the border presents work of nine contemporary artists. On the occasion of a cultural exchange between South Tirol and The Hague. It
diplays a selection of works and performances that express a reaction to the reality of living in this region. Moved by a critical and extensive redrafting approach. The artists on show were chosen for their special way of relating to their territory, as well as for the peculiar way in which they express themselves through different mediums and symbols which are deeply related to their birthplaces.
for the complete press release see below this page.

Opening Friday 21November 19:00 hour
19:30 hour by Peter van Beveren, artadvisor contemporary and modern art
followed by a program of performances

extra: Saterday 22 November 15:30 hour
Relation in time, artists meeting curators, a performance/project from Hannes Egger.
After a short introduction by Hannes Egger,
6 Dutch and Italian curators will 'speeddate' with 20 artists, each date takes 10 minutes. A good change to meet new curators and artists.
After the meeting Hannes has prepared a South-Tirolan diner for the participants.
The curators are:

Jaring Durst Britt, Camilla Martinelli, Angela Serino, Alice Smits, Clara Pallí Monguilod with Nico Feragnoli

Hoogtij: Friday 28 November 19:00 uur - 23:00 hour
with ongoing performance from 20:30 till 21:30 hour.
'rosa me, reconstructed origin' by Sara Schwienbacher

Opening hours: 22 November till 7 December, Friday till Sunday 13:00-17:00 hour and by appointment

Reactions: blog Kees Koomen

with thanks to the counsel of The Hague




____________Press release_____________________________________________

beyond the border

Arnold Mario Dall'O, Hannes Egger, Ulrich Egger, Saman Kalantari, Christian Martinelli, Simon Perathoner, Matthias Schönweger, Sara Schwienbacher, Maria Walcher

Opening reception: Friday, November 21, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Exhibition period: November 21, 2014 - December 12, 2014
Quartair, Den Haag

Curated by Camilla Martinelli

On the occasion of a cultural exchange between Italy and the Netherlands promoted by the art space “Werkbank” in cooperation with “Kunsthalle Eurocenter Lana”, a group exhibition of Italian artists will take place at “Quartair”, Den Haag, starting from 21 November 2014.

The show “RELATIONS IN FORM – beyond the border", curated by Camilla Martinelli, will be displaying a selection of works realized by 9 South Tyrolean contemporary artists. Each of these, focus their own work on different subjects and media. Several performances will take place at Quartair on the opening night (Saman Kalantari, Matthias Schönweger, Christian Martinelli), one will be held the following day (Hannes Egger) and another one will take place on 28th November, the day of "open galleries" (Sara Schwienbacher).

The continuity between art and everyday experience is organized according to the artist's own logic, who interacts with its surroundings by inserting a continuous transaction between his own intentional subjectivity and the facts he experiences. According to the American philosopher John Dewey, "An experience is a product of continuous and cumulative interaction of an organic self with the world“. In "Art as Experience", published in 1934, he gives to the subconscious an important role in the creative process. In addition he asserts that art objects exist externally and physically, but then, the work of art is really what the physical object does within experience. Art is proof that man can consciously restore the union of sensation, needs, and actions found in everyday‘s life. Works of art can be considered as important examples of a condensed “experience.”
Taking inspiration from Dewey's assumptions, the main title of the exhibition refers on the concept of „shaping relationship process“, that is in the making of an artwork (or making of a „shaped“ art experience) which comes from the relation of the artists with the environment in which they live, in its human and factual expression. In this case, the “relation’s process” will have taken shape from the region where the artists live: South Tyrol. The works on display will express a kind of relation/reaction towards the South Tyrolean environment. This has not necessarily to do with “TRANSFIGURING South Tyrolean reality”, but rather with “REACTING to South Tyrolean reality”. That's the central point of the exhibition: exploring how contemporary South Tyrolean artists are approaching their own reality and how they are letting it turn into "art forms".

South Tyrol is a region abounding with contrasts, between Mediterranean landscape and Alpine peaks. Its charm lies in its variety and the harmony of opposites. It is an autonomous province in northern Italy, the mostly northernmost province of Italy. It is one of the two autonomous provinces that granted a considerable level of self-government, consisting of a large range of exclusive legislative powers. Entirely located in the Alps, the South Tyrol landscape is dominated by mountains. Even more famous are the craggy peaks of the
Dolomites in the eastern part of the region. Throughout history the province of Bolzano has passed under various rulers, each of which has left its mark. Nowadays German and Italian are both official languages. In some eastern municipalities Ladin is the third official language.
The Italian and the Austrian cultures both influence the South Tyrolean artists. Some choose to study in Italy, while many others study in Austria or Germany. Sometimes, when someone follows a degree in Italy, then he choose to specialize in Austria, or vice versa. The influences of both areas are then clearly recognizable in the artworks. On one hand, the artists share a strong sense of independence and uniqueness, which depends on the special status given to the place where they live, on the other hand, they live with a sense of openness and uncertainty that enables them to get inspiration from different cultures. South Tyrolean artists show a desire to transcend boundaries and mix inspirations unrelated to being rooted in a unique and defined culture, just because they live at the border. Art is a medium that enables to unify suggestions, contemporary South Tyrolean art looks to become more and more international. This sense of suspended threshold let the artists think more openly and express in a more universal way.
Manifesta 7, which in 2008 took place just in South Tyrol, had a great influence on an artistic renewal of the area and encouraged local artists towards more current trends in the international art scene.

The subheading of the show refers to the concept of “border”, which we would like to associate to “threshold” and not to the meaning of “boundary”, which it so often is. The „threshold“ is the minimum or maximum value (established for an attribute or characteristic) which serves as a benchmark for comparison or guidance. A threshold is an amount, a level or point at which something would happen, would cease to happen, or would take effect, become true, etc. The „threshold“ enables the connection between two places, two regions. It is a concept which seems to be dealing with the meaning of terms such as: border, edge,
passing, entrance, but actually it expresses a meaning that these words aren’t able to express. „Threshold“ is both border and passage, it limits and opens. The show “RELATIONS IN FORM – beyond the border" diplays a selection of works and performances that express a sort of reaction to reality, moved by a critical by an extensive redrafting approach of this. The artists on show were chosen for their special way of relating to their territory, as well as for the peculiar way in which they express themselves through different
mediums and symbols which are deeply related to their birthplaces.