Quartair is run by artists, as a non-profit organization providing a platform for production, presentation and artistic debate.

Quartair initiates and supports exhibitions, projects and exchanges with other artists and artist-run-spaces at home and abroad. The former bread factory, today turned into monument, hosts seven ateliers and a project space, which functions as a public stage for the art community at large.

The space

As an artist-run space, we do not work within a structural program or curatorial framework. Quartair works in cooperation and exchange with other cultural organizations. We keep the space flexible, anticipating or responding to current events and staying receptive to third party projects. Read more


Upcoming: The Automatic Self (and the gifted hand)

Zaterdag 15 april t/m zondag 7 mei 2023Opening op zaterdag 15 april om 17.00 uurMet: Rachel Bacon, Siem Beets, Ronny Delrue, Daniel Dmyszewicz, Elsa Hartjesveld, Romy Muijrers, Jorrit Paaijmans, Jeroen Paalvast en Stefanie Scholte.  The Automatic Self (and the gifted hand) De titel duidt op het feit dat tekenen handwerk is. Het is een directe handeling die uitdrukking geeft aan een gedachte. Het verwijst naar de menselijke behoefte …

Weird Angles – Hoogtij

For this edition of Hoogtij #73 we present Weird Angles, with works by Gerco de Ruijter, Thom Vink, and radio collaboration with RadioTonka bringing DJs dsrpturs, Margarita, 4/4 en Robber. Doors open at 19.00. Free entrance. Besides screening the film ‘Grid Corrections XL’ by Gerco de Ruijter (2018), Quartair artist Thom Vink will show a …

Non Linear Narrative Tech Week

Workshop 16-20 January 2023 Continuing the project started in 2022, Quartair hosted the KABK masters of Non Linear Narrative Tech Week, with a workshop led by artists Martijn van Boven and Gert-Jan Prins, exploring the full sound spectrum to find relationships between bandwidths with respect to energy transfer, clock speed and environmental impact. Work sessions included deep …