A glimpse of Riga

During Hoogtij #55, QUARTAIR hosted a special evening with Latvian artists. An event that let people catch a glimpse of what the capital Riga and its citizens are, get to know their art, drink their traditional Black Balsam, listen to The Bad Tones and watch the 16 mm short film ’Sound we see: Riga’ where 25 artists capture the vibe of the city.

Participating artists: Rudolfs Stamers, Gundega Strauberga, Estere Betija Gravere, Sabine Vernere, Ieva Jakuša, Nanda Milberta, The Bad Tones and Eliza Elizabete Ramza.

The Bad Tones is a psychedelic rock quartet from Latvia previously known as The Pink Elephant. Mixing skills crafted through classical rock and blues standards with the song writing approach of modern, independent music, they’ve developed their own style and form.
Friday, November 30th, 2018
Doors open 19:00 Concert: The Bad Tones 20:30 and 22:30
Film: ”Sound we see: Riga’’(on view all night long)
Curated by: Eliza Elizabete Ramza