Neighbour North Sea

The North Sea, our neighbour who constantly pushes the boundaries, leaving behind a line that reveals who lived here thousands of years ago, but also shows what is wrong at this moment. Anyone who regularly walks along the tide line, finds fossil bones and trees, but also plastic, paraffin, oil and dead animals.

Currently, the North Sea is quickly being transformed into an industrial area. To maintain the habit of ever-growing consumption and extraction, while attempting to become more sustainable at the same time. Furthermore, drastic technological plans are being developed to eventually stop the rising water. And it was already busy.

Four artists–Tanja Engelberts, Sheng-Wen Lo, Astrid Nobel, and Laura Schippers– show how they are connected to the North Sea and how they deal with the pressure on the sea.

See you at Hoogtij #71 this Friday, 25 November, from 19:00 to 23:00.

Opening Neighbour North Sea: Friday, November 4 at 19:00

Exhibition: from November 5 to 27, Fridays to Sunday, 13:00 – 17:00 and by appointment.

Photo by Sander van Wettum

Tanja Engelberts investigates how to document landscapes that are no longer visible. These landscapes range from artificial islands to the endless North Sea, and are often related to the fossil fuel industry. She immersed herself in the industrial landscape of the North Sea by traveling along with maintenance ships and speaking with offshore employees. The landscape takes shape by means of films, prints, sound and texts in which the atmosphere and experience of these places is recorded.

Photo by Sander van Wettum

Sheng-Wen Lo’s work investigates the relationships between non-humans and contemporary society, often taking daily experiences as points of departure. In 2021, he attempted to become a seaweed farmer, as the practice is being hailed as the most sustainable form of farming in many parts of Europe. During the process, he began to wonder if the collective passion towards expanding ocean farming has a problematic outlook.

Photo by Sander van Wettum

The work of Astrid Nobel consists of paintings, sculptures and installations. Time, consciousness and nature are recurring themes. Recently, she has been working on topics related to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea area (Waddenzee) and how dreams and thinking about the landscape are evolving in the midst of the climate crisis. For this exhibition she has transformed North Sea materials she found herself, such as fossil bones and washed up oil, into works in which the sea, its inhabitants, pollution and the house in which we live and dream are interwoven.

Photo by Sander van Wettum

In the run-up to the exhibition, Laura Schippers collected special observations and experiences of people at sea and continued to work on the rebuilding of her ship Atlas in  preparation for the self-sufficient and nomadic project Atlas Initiative. Ultimately, these paths crossed and together formed the installation: ‘Potential material for a change of mentality’. Which is about both the possibility of change and the paradox of using materials for sustainable purposes.

Workshop Cooking Local Seaweed by Sheng-Wen Lo on Saturday, November 5 at 14:00 (approx. 2 hrs).

Rights of Nature Lecture by international environmental law expert Jessica den Outer
performance by Tanja Engelberts and Marcel Imthorn on Thursday, November 17 at 19:00. Lecture will be in English. Free entrance.

Guest speaker Jessica den Outer works as an independent consultant, writer and speaker on the rights of nature. She has been involved in the rights of nature movement since 2017. In 2019 she was recognized as one of the youngest Earth-centered law experts within the United Nations’ Harmony with Nature Network. In 2020 she obtained a place in the ‘Duurzame Jonge 100’ (the top 100 most sustainable young pioneers in the Netherlands). She has since set up various campaigns advocating for the rights of nature. Her first book with Laura Burgers: Rights of Nature: Case-Studies From Six Continents (Embassy of the North Sea) was released in September 2021.

Neighbour North Sea is made possible thanks to Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting Stokroos, Pauwhof Fonds, Stroom Den Haag, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten and Productiehuis Plaatsmaken.

A State of Amplitude

Exhibition 9 – 26 September 2021

Quartair presents A State of Amplitude, an exhibition of sonic sculptures, instruments and sound transmitting vessels. This assemblage of actively sounding objects will remain open for compositional coincidences, new spatial conditions and modes of relation. The exhibition was curated by Mike Rijnierse and opened on September 9th, alongside Rewire Festival, running until Sunday, September 26th.

Participating artists: Natalia Domínguez Rangel (CO/NL/AT), Hans van Koolwijk (NL), Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT), Andre Bartetzki (DE), Wen Chin Fu (TW/NL), Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof (NL) and Louis Braddock Clarke (UK/NL).

A State of Amplitude looks at the potential of using sound as material to create instruments or sculptures. In these sonic architectures, where sound functions as a method of continuous construction and destruction, an endlessly unfolding dimension emerges of composed reality. By entering this space of vibrations, an identification occurs between listener and elemental matter, between inside and outside, between hallucination and realism.

Opening Thursday, 9 September
doors open at 16:00
with performances by Hans van Koolwijk and Andreas Trobollowitsch

During Rewire weekend exhibition open from 13:00 to 20:00
with performances by Hans van Koolwijk and Andreas Trobollowitsch

After Rewire weekend, the exhibition runs until 26 September
Thursday to Sunday, from 13:00 to 17:00 with more performances

Hoogtij #66 – Art Tour – Friday, 24 Sep from 19:00 to 23:00
on-going installations and performances by Hans van Koolwijk

Last weekend: 25-26 September
Performances by Hans van Koolwijk at 15:00
Closing performance by Wen Chin Fu / Mei Yi Lee Sunday 26th at 16:00

Bambuso (1996 – ongoing) – Hans van Koolwijk

Bambuso is an unpolished sound sculpture that is used as a musical instrument, whereby the visual setting reflects the aural experience. The central work of Hans van Koolwijk, Bambuso originated from the idea of a single performer operating a number of flutes simultaneously. For the last 30 years, van Koolwijk has been developing and constantly adding to this extensive palette of sounds.

Telluric Variation (2021) – Louis Braddock Clarke

The shifting scapes of material in the ground’s sub-surface bend, tweak, and distort magneto
telluric currents. Vertical strata of rocks, soils, and metals slump over time due to climatic
variation, disturbing the porous materials below. As the minerals fluctuate, telluric currents also shift in an ever-developing sonic dialogue. The magnetic data stored and amplified by the ground properties of the site are decoded by a geo-tool. The Earth becomes a substrate for listening, in which the underground filters and displays electro currents. The work borrows from scientific measuring devices which have been re-purposed for the act of listening rather than data collection. The installation offers a live dig into the electrical depths of The Hague.

Overlap (2020) – Natalia Domínguez Rangel

Overlap is a sound sculpture that listens to its acoustic environment and encapsulates in the shape of an electro-acoustic composition. In A State of Amplitude the acoustic ecology of Quartair became the focus for a collaborative work of augmented layering of the ambient and bleeding of present with past moments in time.

Pot-Shot / Ton-Techniek (2012) – Andre Bartetzki

Pot-Shot/Ton-Techniek belongs to a series of installations using plant pots as percussive instruments. Triggered by push solenoids, the instruments perform chaotic, evolving, repetitive patterns, single pulses or bursts. As the sound of the pots is short and dry, one’s perception expands to the spatial and temporal extent of the pulses and patterns and less to melodic, spectral or harmonic qualities produced by the plant pots. Each clink of the pots becomes a pure marker in space and time.

Sino (2021) – Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof

Sino is a bronze bell standing upside down with its mouth facing the sky. Struck by an exciter installed in its interior, overtones are generated, turning the bell into a singing bowl. Often used in Eastern rituals, singing bowls are also known as ‘standing bells’ or ‘resting bells’. In Sino, the ‘resting bell’ becomes an instrument for resonance and reflection, rendering the sound not as an alarm signal, but as a call for contemplation.

Tang – Sounding Sugar Playground (2021) – Wen Chin Fu

Matter has its own hidden secret. By making, observing and listening to it we can find the entrance into this secret. Tang is a percussion instrument made of crystallized sugar, exploring the acoustic potential of this everyday ingredient. The work originated in an artistic residency at a former sugar refinery in Taiwan, 2015, where Wen Chin Fu was working together with artist Mariska de Groot. For A State of Amplitude, the artist has prepared the sugar instrument into a physical installation. This iteration of Tang, will provide different ways of playing, listening and eating (the sound of) sugar.

Ventorgano (2014) – Andreas Trobollowitsch

Ventorgano is an electroacoustic synthesizer that allows its player precise control. It consists of five resonating bodies shaped like square columns, over which one guitar string each is strung and made to vibrate by prepared fans. Per string, there are two fans that turn at differing speeds. As these speeds shift, micro-rhythmical elements are generated. The speed of each fan can be adjusted progressively, which also changes the overtone spectrum.

Graphic design by Catalogtree

A State of Amplitude is proudly presented within Rewire Festival 2021, the offline edition.

This exhibition is supported by Royal Eijsbouts, The City of The Hague, Stroom Den Haag, the Mondriaan Fund and the Austrian Embassy in The Hague.

The carrot / de wortel

Check out how we hung The Carrot up above the entrance in the preparations of the Artist Support Fair ‘Geen bloem zonder wortel‘, opened on September 25th/Hoogtij.

With thanks to the splendid participation of the wortelman, during the opening evening, Vincent Tsas!

The Other Book Fair

Art book fair – 29 November – 1 December 2019

We are proud to host The Other Book Fair, a unique celebration of artists books in all its facets. This is the first biennial event in The Hague that combines an art book fair with exhibitions, workshops, talks, presentations, demonstrations, films, and performances at various locations.

Opening: Friday 29 November 2019, 18:00 – Hoogtij #59
with performance by Jip Piet

This first edition of The Other Book is devoted to the Riso revolution: artist’s books produced with Risograph and Mimeograph stencil duplicators.
The festival program is curated by Lula Valletta/The Other Book, with contributions from West Den Haag and Grafische Werkplaats.

Opening performance by Jip Piet

Locations: Quartair, Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag, Billytown, Page Not Found, The Grey Space in the Middle and West Den Haag

Instagram: @theotherbookfair
Facebook event:

With support of

See What You Know

“See what you know” refereert naar het weten dat voortkomt uit het kijken. Het intuïtieve maken is een van de uitgangspunten van het reizende kunstenaarscollectief The Act of Painting. In het maken zit het weten. Je bent de ruimte die je schildert en je bent de actie die je maakt in het beeld.

In deze expositie is werk te zien van: Delphine Courtillot, Raymond Cuijpers, Wieteke Heldens, Robbin Heyker, Jeroen Hofhuizen, André Kruysen, Ilona Plaum, Pietertje van Splunter, Marie van Vollenhoven, Nies Vooijs.

Opening: vrijdag 12 Oktober, 19:00 20:30
Openingswoord door schrijver/curator Mark Kremer
Tentoonstelling: van 12-28 Oktober 2018
vrijdag t/m zondag van 13.00 t/m 17.00

Recensies: chmkoome’s blog en Villa Next Door

Met dank aan:

Resonating Field – Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

From the on-going project Decomposing Landscape by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

in collaboration with Azimuth, iii, Vera Mennens (KABK) and Quartair

As humans, we are ingrained with our landscapes, knowingly or unknowingly. Subject both of science and arts, the landscape functions as a mirror and a lens in which we see and hear the site we occupy, and ourselves as we perceive it, transform it, and personalize it through the agency of artistic experience. However, we have arguably entered the Anthropocene – a new geologic era, defined by unprecedented human disturbances over earth’s environment and ecosystems. In this era, climatic integrity of natural landscapes in re-emerging economies like India is endangered.

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

The audiovisual installation Resonating Field from the ongoing project Decomposing Landscape (2014 -) creates a discursive situation for critical as well as affective engagement with these environmentally and ecologically troubled sites. The work has been developed through a meticulous collection of materials from various environmentally affected sites in extensive fieldworks supported by Prince Claus Fund. By exhibiting on-going work, the project intends to sensitize the wider public consciousness about the devastating consequences of a profit-oriented development model for the humans and their habitual environments.

Resonating Field is presented in a multi-channel sound and video installation.
The production of the work was supported by Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam; ICST, Zurich University of the Arts. Camera: Ratheesh Ravindran; additional camera: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay; editing: Sreya Chatterjee; additional editing: Subhadeep Ghosh and Camilla Tiefensee Schrøder; still photography: Debanjan Bandyopadhyay; sound: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay.

Symposium: Electro-Acoustic Ecology – Sound, Environment and Technology
6 November, from 19:00
Prof. Marcel Cobussen, Leiden University
Jordan Lacey, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Justin Bennett, Sonology, The Hague
Matteo Marangoni, iii, The Hague
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, The Hague

Concert: Fri 10 Nov, from 20:30
with works by: Siamak Anvari, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Dario Giustarini, Francisco López, Sohrab Motabar, Vladimir Vlaev, Soeria van den Wijngaard

Exhibition from 6 to 16 November, 2017
Visiting hours: Thu/Fri, from 17:00 to 20:00
Sat from 14:00 to 17:00

Soundwalk with sound artist Virginie Dubois: Sat, 11 Nov, from 15:00 – 17:00

This exhibition was supported by the Gemeente Den Haag

Performance, Objects, Bodies

De tentoonstelling richt zich op interacties tussen het menselijk lichaam en objecten, die zich openbaren als sequenties van gebeurtenissen die wij kunnen observeren terwijl het gebeurt. De show is tentoongesteld als een open laboratorium voor actie en beweging, waarin de kunstenaars aanwezig zullen zijn om te begeleiden, te ervaren en te performen met het publiek. Door onze relatie met objecten te observeren, kunnen we waarnemen dat het niet heel duidelijk is waar ons levende lichaam eindigt en waar de ongeanimeerde wereld begint. Geven we het leven door in een object? Of laat het object ons lichaam toe zijn levendigheid uit te drukken?

Bezoekers worden uitgenodigd om de performers van deze werken te worden. Deze context kan gezien worden als een compositie die door een ieder uitgevoerd kan worden, zoals in de Fluxus partituur “Draw a straight line and follow it” (musicus LaMonte Young in 1960), met het verschil dat het concept in dit geval belichaamd wordt door objecten in plaats van tekst. Zoals beeldend kunstenaar en schrijver Robert Morris het uitdrukt “Simplicity of form is not necessarily simplicity of experience” (“Een simpele vorm valt niet noodzakelijk samen met een simpele ervaring”).

Deelnemende kunstenaars:
Natali Blugerman, Marit Mihklepp, Ludmila Rodrigues en Catinca Tilea

Openingstijden: van 15 set – 7 oct
Donderdag en vrijdag van 17:00 tot 20:00
Zaterdag van 14:00 tot 17:00

Ook Hoogtij#50: 29 september 2017 van 17:00 and 23:00
Met dank aan Gemeente Den Haag

De kunstenaars:

Natali Blugerman is een interdisciplinaire kunstenaar die zich richt op het creëren van overweldigende en onthullende ervaringen door onbewerkte elementen op een speelse manier te gebruiken. Hierbij is een balans tussen de natuurlijke omgeving en de menselijke geest het streven. Ze studeerde aan de ArtScience faculteit aan de KABK in Den Haag en ontving in 2016 van deze afdeling de jaarlijkse erkenningsprijs. In 2011 studeerde Blugerman af in Schilderen aan de Academy of Fine Arts Bologna, Italië, in 2009 in Journalistiek aan de Taler Agency school in Buenos Aires en Industrieel Ontwerp aan de ORT Technical School of Buenos Aires, Argentinië. Website:

Marit Mihklepp (geboren in Tallinn, Estland) onderzoekt processen van beweging en schrijven, verbeelding en het dagelijkse, absurditeit en oprechtheid. Ze houdt van beweging en denken met het lichaam. Ze is geïnteresseerd in het maken van ruimte in plaats van ruimte in te nemen. Ze studeerde Textiel Ontwerp aan de Estlandse Academie van Kunsten en deed een semester een uitwisseling Filoso en semiotiek aan de Tartu Universiteit. Tijdens haar Mastersstudie aan de ArtScience faculteit in Den Haag begon ze het menselijk lichaam, taal en gedrag te onderzoeken in relatie tot andere (niet) fysieke vormen. Site:

Ludmila Rodrigues opereert op het kruispunt tussen architectuur, dans en kinetische kunst. Rodrigues onderzoekt de zintuiglijke ervaring van aanraking en beweging door ruimtes, situaties en middelen te creëren die zich mengen met het publiek en er onderdeel van worden. Ze studeerde af aan de ArtScience Interfaculty aan de KABK in Den Haag in 2013 en werkt als performer, ontwerper en onderwijzer in Den Haag sinds 2009. Rodrigues is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië, geboren waar ze ook afstudeerde in Architectuur en Stedelijke Planning in 2007 en verschillende bewegingstechnieken oefende als dans, gymnastiek en kung fu. Website:

Catinca Tilea beperkt zichzelf niet tot één discipline. Ze is opgeleid in product design, interior architecture en retail design. Haar werkervaring varieert van het onderwijzen van product en interieurdesign aan de National University of Fine Arts in Boekarest tot een samenwerking als een binnenhuisarchitect met de Rotterdamse architectuur firma ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles). In 2012 richtte Tilea haar eigen design studio en door de jaren heen is Tilea actief geweest in Europa en overzees. Website:

Anarchists, Squatters, Punks & …Yuppies?

Artists’ Initiatives in the Netherlands, from the 1980s to the Present
Friday, Sep 8, 2017, from 18.30

An Evening to Celebrate Artists’ Initiatives in The Netherlands

Bringing together essential voices from artists’ initiatives, past and present, Quartair hosts an event to consider the enduring influence of artist-run spaces in the Netherlands.

The event merges three causes to celebrate: the launch of the two latest issues of Kunstlicht, which consider the means by which artists subvert and demystify power structures in art’s institutions and in public space; the launch of a new online publication series with Platform BK that will feature articles that delve into the history of artist-run spaces in the Netherlands from the 1980s/90s; and the 25th anniversary of Quartair, an artists’ initiative that has itself been subverting conventions since 1992.

At the crux of the event is the significance of the artists’ initiative as a space for unmitigated expression, with a focus on the important role such spaces have played in the Netherlands over the last three decades.

With short lectures at 19:00 by Angela M. Bartholomew (art historian, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, editor of Kunstlicht), Eva Fotiadi (art historian, UvA & AKV | St Joost), Jack Segbars (artist, critic, co-founder of Platform BK).

A moderated discussion between influential figures from artists’ initiatives of the 1980s and 1990s and the present: Hans Scholten: De Zaak, Groningen (1979-1989); Menno Grootveld: Rabotnik TV, Amsterdam (1982-1998); Brieke Drost: Hooghuis (1985-2004) & Code Rood (De Kleine Kapel), Arnhem (2012- ); Tineke Reijnders: Independent art historian, preparing a book on artists initiatives in Amsterdam (1970-2010); Mike Rijnierse: Quartair, Den Haag (1992- ); Marjolein van de Ven: Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam (1997- ); Clara Palli Monguilod: 1646, Den Haag (2004- ); Maziar Afrassiabi: Rib, Rotterdam (2015- ).

¡Cumbia Lunática! by Dick El Demasiado closed the evening

This event has been organized by Quartair and Angela Bartholomew, in collaboration with Tijdschrift Kunstlicht and Platform Beeldende Kunst.
With support from: