Glinting honey in the dark, a feather tickling on my back

Nishi Ko, Gabey Tjon, Sukebeningen

The Project Sukebeningen presents Japanese eroticism, inspired by the Dutch beach Scheveningen, as a form of collaborative works with invited artists. Its objective is to explore sensuality and to accommodate different views on eroticism each invited artist possesses. This time we develop a new work with two artists: Nishiko and Gabey Tjon a Tham.

“Using found objects and controlled kinetics, we make an installation that generates erotic feeling and may trigger one’s erotic fantasy. Although dealing with a somewhat sensitive topic, the work welcomes diversity of visitors because of its balance between being entertaining and serious, open and private, exploring the contradicting possibilities of the subject.”

photo: Ed Jansen

Jegens en Tevens: ‘Een Schittering in het Donker’

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