GOLF Festival

Quartair is supporting GOLF Festival in Haarlem. GOLF is a new three-day festival with performances, installation art and lectures around the interaction between image and sound. GOLF is organized by three cultural institutions: 37PK, Nieuwe Vide and Pletterij in collaboration with Quartair, represented by our member Mike Rijnierse. The festival takes place over three evenings, at three venues in Haarlem: 37PK, Pletterij and Nieuwe Vide. The name “GOLF” (“wave” in Dutch) stands for the way in which image and sound come to us, like waves, and for the artists who will be given a stage during this festival and be part of a wave of new, exciting experimental art forms.

Mike Rijnierse and Rob Bothof: Piano / Forte. Photos by Zuzanna Zgierska

Friday 21 December | 37PK
19:30 Lucas Hoeben & Joost Nelissen | No New Museums and Other Stories
20:00 Mark IJzerman | Cantus Viscous | performance
21:00 Mariska de Groot | performance
21:45 Jaromir Mulders & Marlinde Vos | Boot, Work, Reboot | performance
19:00-23:00 Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof | Piano / Forte | installation

Saturday 22 December | Pletterij
20:00 Sanne Huijbregts & Joost Lijbaart | Footage
21:00 Oguz Büyükberber & Tobias Klein | [busy mind of the] lonely commuter
22:00 Joost Rekveld & Rutger Zuydervelt & Dirk Serries
19:30-23:00 Timo Hoogland | Circle of times | installation

Sunday 23 December | Nieuwe Vide
15:00 Lecture 1: Jarl Schulp
16:00 Lecture 2: Peter Bruyn
17:00 Lecture 3: Joost Rekveld
19:30 Gijs Gieskes
20:15 Vito Willems
21:00 Nikki Hock | Trial by Fire
21:45 Leeza Pritychenko & Fien | Lethean Seal

Performance: Joost Rekveld & Rutger Zuydervelt & Dirk Serries