Quartair 25 years!

Quartair was founded in 1992 by young, recently graduated artists from the KABK and is located in the former Haagsche Broodfabriek on the Toussaintkade. Meanwhile Quartair has become one of the longest functioning artists’ initiatives in The Hague and celebrated its 25th anniversary with a jubilee year.

To highlight the commemoration, we received Leo Reijnders/ ‘De Wolkenbreiers’ from Radio Centraal Antwerp, to host a series of radio broadcasts straight from Quartair. For this occasion Quartair built a stage-radio-studio that will function as a presentation and meeting place for the invited musicians and artists, where the possibilities of internet radio as platform were explored.

The broadcasting could be experienced daily, live in the gallery, or listened to, via the Quartair radio, with interviews, performances and presentations by Melle de Boer, Moritz Ebinger, Bistecchiño, Topp & Dubio, Hedwig Kras and many others.


Mediated by: De Wolkenbreier/Leo Reijnders

Monday 12 June, live on air between 4 pm and 6 pm
Guest: Roeland Zijlstra (artist)

Wednesday 14 June, open from 3 pm, live on air between 8 pm and 11 pm
Guests: Moritz Ebinger (artist and radio maker), Joep Neefjes & Verbaal Signaal, Françoise van Hecke & Tareq Alsayed Yahya (voice artist and Syrian top primal player, unique combination), Jolanda Jansen (about This is LIVE , performance festival)

Thursday 16 June, live on air from 8 to 11 pm
DZJA Dieter Machielsen
(An own sound universe produced with the piano as central sound source), Topp & Dubio (performance), Angela Bartholomew (art historian/researcher)

Friday 16 June, live on air between 8 and 11 pm
Guests: Tom Tiest (guitarist and composer of The Valerie Solanas, improvisation), Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (Media artist and teacher), Michael Karr (audio visual composer)

with other possible appearances: Harry Zevenbergen, Mat Wijn, Els Dekeukelier and radio artists: Don Bolles & Mitchell Brown (Los Angeles) KXLU radio Glossolalia show, Michael waterman (CAN), Doug Harvey (Los Angeles), Darren Copeland (Can) NAISA radio archive, Feling Capela (Mozambique), Radio Tonka, Eji Val (Mexico), Alexander Hollander (Rus), Volker Zander (Germany) Celine Pierre (France) & RADIO REVOLTEN , Lev Abramoff, Robert Watkins, Hakim Muhammad, Nicolas Pillips, Margiela, Artzenkraft, Michal Kamran of Radio Kchung in China Town LA.

JUBILEUMFEST – Saturday, 10 June 2017 – performances:


Matteo Marangoni Algorithmic Explosions (performance) Frame 25 – Marina Nicolai-Krylova & Dr Goldfinger (Indian-focused soundscapes). Audrey Lauro & Pak Yan (Experimental free jazz combined with electronics) Melle & Suus (Country noir) Bistecchiño (Demented karaoke) Culture Shock (Live electronics) Kenny Harder (Danceable DJ set)

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