Quartair Open!

Film by Maarten Toner

April 1-3, 2011
Quartair is re-opened after the renovation of the gallery and the studios. The former bread factory is now the home of seven ateliers and the projects space.

Heidi Linck: installation ‘Birds are singing’

The new building was officially opened by our guest speakers Peter Bos and Ingrid Rollema on Friday, April 1st, at 20:00

Performance, music and dance by: Shitcluster, MC Dance/Florito and The La-Z-Boys.
Seven artists were invited to exhibit during the event: Jasper van den Brink, Paul Devens, Danitsja van Dijk, Gilbert van Drunen, Heidi Linck, Urs Pfannenmuller, Iris Wassenburg.

Concept: Marlies Adriaanse and Pietertje van Splunter

The original “Bread Factory” Broodfabriek

Read more about the history of the building here (in Dutch only)
This exhibition was made possible with financial support from Gemeente Den Haag and Stroom Den Haag.

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