Study trip to Athens

This year Stroom Den Haag invited all artists initiatives from The Hague to visit Athens in the occasion of Documenta 14. Representing Quartair, Ludmila Rodrigues (our member since 2014) joined the group, which also included Anke van den Berg (See Lab), Yun Lee (iii), Charlotte van Winden (Moose Space), Nathalie van der Lely (Jegens & Tevens), Matthias König (Locatie Z), Sanne Luteijn (Billytown), Rob Knij (The Naked), Susanne Koekenberg (Nest), and Connie van Driel and Mischa Poppe from Stroom.

They traveled from June 5th to 10th, visiting exhibitions, art-run spaces and key cultural institutions of the Greek capital. Venues included: the Athens School of Fine Arts, Kappatos Gallery, Qbox, AD Gallery, Lo and Behold, A-DASH, EMST, Radio Athens, Daily Lazy, 3 137, Odeion, Enterprise Projects, Fokidos, Life Sport, the Museum of Islamic Art/Benaki Museum, Neon National Observatory, The Breeder Gallery, State of Concept.

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Jegens en Tevens

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