Second Breath: Myra-Ida van der Veen / Rewire Festival

Quartair proudly presents Myra-Ida van der Veen, performing during the Rewire Festival 2024. Curated by our member Mike Rijnierse, who has been coaching the artist / musician since last year, the performance Second Breath will be a site specific performance developed within the acoustics of Quartair. Second Breath will be shown 3 times per day during the festival, as part of Proximity Music – a program put together by iii.

‘Second Breath’ performance by Myra-Ida van der Veen, Rewire Festival 2024. Photo by Pieter Kers

Second Breath performance times:

Friday 5 April 14:00-14:30  |  17:00-17:30  |  20:30-21:00
Saturday 6 April 14:00-14:30  |  17:00-17:30  |  20:30-21:00
Sunday 7 April 14:00-14:30  |  17:00-17:30  |  20:30-21:00

Free entrance.
Limited number of seats per show: 40 (doors will be closed after the performance starts)

Second Breath is a performance that delves into the physicality of sound as it moves through the primal essence of the voice: the breath. Through this, the artist unravels the intricate relationship between the human body and the ethereal vibrations that emanate from within. When one sings, they fill their lungs with air. The air flows out, and by shaping different parts of their body, they create certain sounds: temporal voices, temporal breath. Drawing inspiration from the fascinating anatomy of frogs, van der Veen ingeniously crafts an environment that blurs the lines between choir, performance, and choreography.

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Rewire Festival | Prikkelarme cultuuragenda

With thanks to Rewire, Stroom Den Haag and iii