The Flying Land

Lin shu-kai

1 December – 10 December 2017
Opening during Hoogtij
Performance: 19:30-20:00 by R-Muller Trio
Artists: Chen I-Chun, Chen Yung-Hsien, Heidi Vogels, Kang Ya-Chu, Lin Shu-Kai
Curator: Huang Shan-Shan

The exhibition highlights movement, migration and the temporary residing status of contemporary societies to explore the definition of belonging and how homeland/residence is transformed and represented by art in the process. As people migrate and disperse, how do heterotopias appear between places and non-places in urban environment? How are they hidden, felt and represented in the daily scenarios?
Participant artists, from Taiwan and the Netherlands, demonstrate how they contemplate and explore on migration and temporary dwelling, from perspectives of time, space and memory.
Just as the endless transformations, regenerations and developments in contemporary cities, The Flying Land illustrates the tidal currents in various public and private domains, travelling between histories and vision for the future, confessing our destined life of constant drifting and wandering.

Opening times:
Sat-Sun 2 en 3 Dec: 13:00-18:00
Thur 7 Dec: 16:00-20:00
Fri-Sun 8, 9, 10 Dec: 13:00-18:00
Organization: Zero In Art
Sponsor: National cultural and arts foundation, Taiwan
In cooperation with: Quartair
Thanks to: Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture, Der-Horng Art Gallery

Chen Yung-Hsien: Film still