Arab Camera Festival Weekend in Quartair

Friday, 16 September – Sunday, 18 September 2016

Free entrance

The Blind’s Band

In the early years of the reign of Hassan II, Houcine, fan of his new king, is the leader of a popular band. He lives with his wife Halima in her family home, a place of lively cohabitation, a gallery of colorful characters that cross the rhythm of life of the orchestra and its traditional dancers, the Chikhates. In this particular band, male musicians are forced to pretend to be blind in order to play in Moroccan conservative family homes at parties reserved for women. Houcine is also Mimou’s happy father. Dreams and reality confuse, Mimou cannot concentrate at school and not to disappoint his father, he decides to cheat by falsifying his school exam marks.

Director: Mohamed Mouftakir
Morocco, 2014
Duration: 95 minutes
[English subtitles]


20:15 Introduction
20:45 Introduction to Arab Camera Festival by Rosh Abdelfatah
21:00-22:35 Film screening: The Blind’s Band

12:00 start of group work, led by Rosh Abdelfatah (results will be shown during the Arab Camera Festival in Rotterdam)
Sunday 19:00 closing group work