Coleccionismo y Otras Interpretaciones

Melissa Cruz Garcia & Laura Pardo
29 juni tot en met 19 juli 2013

The show emerges from the connections between the artists’ works, as well from their particular interests. Both use the recollection of common household products that usually end discarded by society. This has been employed by the artists as a tool to re-think, transform and reconfigure the objects themselves and also their cultural meaning.

On the occasion of her exhibition in Quartair, Laura Pardo swapped vegetables and tropical fruit plants, that she germinated in her studio, for material or immaterial goods. Whoever wanted to take home a little plant could do so, by getting involved in the non-monetary exchange.

Melissa Cruz

In this exhibition at Quartair, Melissa Cruz presents drawings, installations and self-made machines. Also she gives a day long workshop on the 12th of July (from 13.00 to 17.00) on animation with drawings, where the participants are also invited to reflect and think in terms of obsolete technology.

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