Drawing Front (and back)

Exhibition focusing on the development of the drawing hand.

Opening : Friday, 11 March at 17:00
Open : 12 March – 27 March, Friday – Sunday 13:00 – 17:00
Also open during Hoogtij #44 on 18 March 19:00 – 23:00

Featuring work by : Femke Bakker, Justin Bennett, Channa Boon, Ronald Cornelissen, Paul van der Eerden, Melissa Cruz Garcia, Sara Pape Garcia, Anne Forest, Johan Gustavsson, Wieteke Heldens, Michael Karr, Rens Krikhaar, Jorn van Leeuwen, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Marjolijn van der Meij, Astrid Nobel, Johan van Oord, Lieke Peeters, Nina Roos, Stefanie Scholte, Cybil Scott, Tanja Smit, Babette Wagenvoort, Wieske Wester andThom Vink.

Drawing Front is a national initiative for contemporary drawing, organized by Drawing Centre Diepenheim. They have sought to collaborate with artists’ initiatives throughout the Netherlands. Each institution gives its own interpretation to an exhibition, resulting in an enormous variety of presentations. Drawing Front takes place from February until June at twenty artists’ initiatives and Drawing Centre Diepenheim (more information on www.drawingfront.nl).

Quartair Drawing from Mika, 9 years old. (2006)

As one of the participating artists’ initiatives in Drawing Front, Quartair organizes the exhibition Drawing Front (and back) for which 25 artists of different ages have dug into their past. They show drawings from their childhood, youth or academy years in combination with a recent work. The artists themselves have made a composition of two to four drawings that show the jumps to adulthood and artistry. In doing so, they reveal the development of their drawing hand in a very personal way, thus also showing drawings that were never intended for the public or as art. Drawing Front (and back) offers a multitude of drawings in different shapes and sizes and shows the importance of drawing, also outside the art form. In this collection of innocent, ambitious, searching, and accurate drawings, drawing is celebrated as an activity that belongs to life.

With thanks to Stroom Den Haag.