Reykjavik Stories

Een tentoonstellingsproject bij kunstenaarsinitiatief Quartair met acht IJslandse kunstenaars: Jón Óskar, Hulda Hákon, Finnur Arnar, Jóhann Ludwig Torfason, Ragnhildur Jóhanns, Dodda Maggý, Guðmundur Thoroddson en Sindri Leifsson

IJsland spreekt tot de verbeelding. Het is een land vol verhalen, met een uitzonderlijk landschap, een weerbarstig klimaat en een vooruitstrevende hoofdstad. Maar, de laatste jaren is er veel veranderd, o.a. veroorzaakt door de ineenstorting van het bankensysteem in 2008 en de daaropvolgende politieke kwesties. Quartair organiseerde eerder tentoonstellingen met IJslandse kunstenaars en vroeg zich af ‘Hoe is het nu in Reykjavik?’ Rondom deze vraag ontstond de tentoonstelling ‘Reykjavik Stories’ die 26 september opent in Quartair; de presentatie van het werk van acht hedendaagse IJslandse kunstenaars samengesteld door Tim Junge, initiator en producent van de Reykjavik Kunstkalender

De tentoonstelling laat werk zien van kunstenaars die niet alleen deze ontwikkelingen in hun werk gebruiken, maar tevens als meest representatief voor de hedendaagse ontwikkelingen in de IJslandse kunstscene gelden. Zij vertegenwoordigen twee generaties en hun interesse gaat enerzijds de harde realiteit van het hedendaagse leven in Reykjavik aan, maar put ook inspiratie uit IJslandse literatuur en Noordse mythologie. Dat uit zich onder meer in videowerk, performance, schilderijen en sculpturale gedichten.

Opening: Zaterdag 26 september – 17 uur door Ambassadeur Bergdís Ellertsdóttir in aanwezigheid van de kunstenaars

Expositie: van 27 september t/m 17 oktober 2015
van donderdag t/m zaterdag 13 tot 17 uur
Hoogtij en finnisage: vrijdag 16 oktober – van 19:00 tor 23:00 uur

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About the artists:

Dodda Maggý

While exploring the emotional language of video and music mediated through performance Dodda Maggý creates lyrical work portraying invisible or mentally projected elements such as perceptual experiences and altered states of consciousness. Producing audio/visual installations, purely sound based work or silent moving images Dodda Maggý attempts to externalize the internal dimensions of dreams, memories and imagination.

Dodda Maggý b. 1981 is an Icelandic artist and composer living and working in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has a BA in Fine Arts from The Icelandic Academy of the Arts and an MFA in Fine Arts from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and an MFA in sound art from the Nordic Sound Art program.

Finnur Arnar Arnarson

Finnur Arnar’s art constantly refers to aspects of Icelandic reality. As an artist he has worked with installations, made use of textual material and found objects and produced numerous video pieces. His exhibitions often feature all of the above. The artist creates a space for the viewer to enter and vitalize through his presence. This is where we come across a story, at least the intimations of a narrative: someones just been here, now he’s gone, is he coming back? And who is he?

Hulda Hákon

From the start of her career, Hulda Hákon has displayed a knack for presenting everyday life as a heroic enterprise. Her works commemorating small victories, mishaps or just curious incidents in tableaux, images and text that show them to be, in their small way, dramatic and noteworthy.

Hulda Hakon has a career of 30 years. Her wall reliefs can be found in public and private collections around the world.

Jón Óskar

“From the beginning, Jón Óskar’s art set him apart, even on Iceland’s sometimes chaotically diverse art scene. His paintings, always confidently executed, managed to balance a high modern sensibility with something quintessentially contemporary, quite edgy without tying into trends.

If we are to look to art history for parallels to Jón Óskar’s work, we can stop both at Diego Velásquez’s painting Las Meninas and René Magritte’s picture of the pipe, two classic examples about the conflict between presence and absence in figurative imagery. Jón Óskar’s parallel in contemporary art can be found in Anselm Kiefer, who in his historical paintings has shown us the surface of the painting as the battlefield between nothingness and being.”

Jón Óskar studied at The Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts in Reykjavik, and School of Visual Arts in New York. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, 1954. Lives and works in Reykjavik and The Westman Islands, Iceland.

Jóhann Ludwig Torfason

The art of Jóhann Ludwig Torfason reflects his attitude to social issues. Imagery is applied to the pop and consumer culture and is the focal point often from the perspective of children, by the use of images created for training and games. Principles of the art market are also the center of his work with the operations of Torfason’s “faux business”, the company Pabbakné that produces his works.

Torfason was born 1965 in Reykjavík, Iceland and studied Printmaking, Drawing and Multimedia in The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts 1985­90. He has held solo exhibitions and participate in numerous exhibitions in Iceland and internationally. Co­founder of Comic Magazine Gisp. Founder of art­project/company Pabbakné. Teacher and Head of Printmaking Studio in Iceland Academy of the Arts since 2006.

Guðmundur Thoroddsen

Gudmundur Thoroddsen (b. 1980) graduated with BA-degree from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2003 and an MFA-degree from School of Visual Arts in New York in 2011. His work glorifies, makes fun of and criticizes men and patriarchy in mediums such as drawing, painting, ceramics and wood. Gudmundur has taken part in many group and solo exhibitions in Iceland, New York and Europe and his work been reviewed in publications such as Artforum, The New York Times, Time out New York and Dazed digital.

Gudmundur is represented by Asya Geisberg Gallery in New York.

Ragnhildur Jóhanns

Ragnhildur Jóhanns (b.1977) works with language, text and performance and seeks to create poetic objects, collages, drawing or print making to name a few. Jóhanns works books and poetry into most of her work. she is a sculptural, visual and physical poet, unhindered by convention. She works with text, with performance but seeks to create poetic objects, pure concrete poems, that is literally fashioning books out of her work and embodying the text.

Ragnhildur Jóhanns graduated from the Icelandic Art Academy in 2010. She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Iceland and internationally. Jóhanns has been involved in various creative projects such as exhibitions, readings and publishing.

Sindri Leifsson

Sindri Leifsson (b. 1988) graduated from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2011 and earned an MFA degree from Malmö Art Academy in 2013. He works in between sculpture and performance where the process takes him from labour to material traces. Recently he has been based between Reykjavík and Stockholm where he has both shown his work and is associated with participatory projects PHENOMENAL and artist run space Kunstschlager.